demolition services archdale nc

Residential Demolition

We can tear down your old property to make way for a new home.

commercial demolition contractor archdale nc

Commercial Demolition

Turn to us for a safe, thorough demolition of commercial property.

grading services archdale nc

Concrete Work

Let us pour your concrete slab, sidewalk or new foundation.

grading services archdale nc


We can prep your property for proper drainage.

We're Experts at Tearing Things Down

Choose an experienced demolition contractor in Archdale & High Point, NC

For nearly ten years, D & R Watts Grading, LLC has been providing excellent demolition services to the Archdale & High Point area. Before you can start most construction projects, you'll need to tear down part or all of an existing structure. The amount of demolition will differ with every project. Whether you need to tear out a small sidewalk or an entire building, we're ready to serve as your demolition contractor.

Call 336-362-0290 today to schedule demolition services in Archdale & High Point, NC.

Our team can do more than tear things down

Once the demolition work is done, you'll need a professional team to build a new structure or lay a new foundation. Whatever type of construction you need, our team can help with your project. Our versatile staff offers the following services:

Residential building demolition

Commercial building demolition

Concrete paving


For a complete list of our services, contact D & R Watts Grading in serving the Archdale & High Point, NC area today.

Our team will arrive on time and treat you like a VIP

Our team is ready to take on your home improvement project with care. As a grading contractor, we can make sure your property will drain correctly once you build a new feature or building. If we're paving your driveway, we'll make sure it's smooth and free of cracks. If we're tearing down a building, we'll make sure to haul away the debris. Whatever the job, your satisfaction is our priority.

Hire a demolition contractor in Archdale & High Point, NC as soon as possible.